Obsidian Brotherhood Title

We Are

A casual to moderate, social North American guild of the Ebonheart Pact.
    ♦We focus on
the growth and development of our members.
    ♦We understand
that real life comes first, but that together,
           we may achieve greatness through epic adventures in ESO.

Key features of our guild will be
-Laid back yet structured atmosphere. (Raiding isn't required).
-Casual weekly/monthly raids & possible DKP implementation.
-Guild Bank & paid guild account if need for 'bankertoons' arises.
-Paid mumble server for voice chat.

The main goal of the guild will always be to ensure the happiness of it's members, as we firmly believe this will lead to the teamwork, raids, and helping nature that will make us incredible. We are currently recruiting mature and friendly players to join our guild. As a casual guild, our requirements are few, and our open arms many. The only thing we ask is that you honor the brotherhood, and give back as much as you get.

If you search for a guild where your voice will not go unheard, A guild who rallies together - leading The Ebonheart Pact to victory. If you seek a guild whose presence will be known fondly throughout the kingdom -one that does not falter but stands strong and builds you to be the best you can be,

Welcome to The Obsidian Brotherhood
     An Elder Scrolls Online Guild

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